Remembering Trauma: The Circling of Neglect & Abuse until Addressed

CSA: Restorative Action and Generative Justice

Sunday 21 October 2018

Keynote address – Fr Prof Hans Zollner S.J., Pontifical Commission for the Care of Minors

Facilitation provided by ?

A learning and training day for group facilitators, psychotherapists, politicians, educators in schools, institutes, universities, seminaries, religions, practitioners in new and traditional monastic communities, health care professionals, social activists and community builders

remembering trauma
remembering trauma

Trauma, Neglect and Oppression can remain frozen in us until we remember how we responded to them and remember the process of the trauma.

“Many efforts to overcome trauma risk the real danger that we repeat the same pattern of oppression that we wanted to stop.”

Remembering is acting out and story telling (ritual and narrative)

Personal presentation of ourselves and visioning who we wish to become and how we wish to transcend our current situation

Through personal encounter we change in behaviours

and transcend our former way to become ourself in a new communion

Panel of Speakers: Abbot Martin Shipperlee

proposed date and time: 
Sunday 21 October 2018: 1000h to 1630h

proposed place: Cloisters Hall, St Benedict’s School,
Marchwood Crescent W5 2DZ

CPD certificates will be issued

suggested presenters; Milan Bijelič (Diploma, ProcessWork UK), Lea Misan (Diploma student, Processwork UK)

playful approaches to serious problems
remembering trauma

09.15  Arrival and registration
10.00  Welcome and Introductions by xxx (xxxx)

10.15  Key note presentation

10.45  Plenary questions

11.15  Presentation 1
proposed: Milan Bijelic

12.00 Presentation 2

12.45 Lunch with work in small groups

13.45 Presentation 3
proposed World Work Seminar;    Themes, Roles, Edges xx

14.45 Coffee and tea, with work in small groups

15.15 Presentation 5

15.45  Coffee and tea, with work in small groups

16.15 Plenary and closure

Tea and farewells

18.00 Evensong with …. the Singers
We are hoping to have supportive messages for the day from HH Dalai Lama, Vincent, Cardinal Nichols Archbishop of Westminster, Dr Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Mohammad Shomali, Islamic Centre of England, Gregory Polen OSB (Abbot Primate of the Benedictine ConFederation).




Sessions: Sunday 21 October 2018 10.30h – 16.30h

Some accommodation is available in the House for Guests.

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info AT benedictine-institute DOT org

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