Our Team

We work with a small core team
and a large group of advisers and skilled teachers

Principal: Rev Dr James Leachman O.S.B.
Consultant: Rev Bernd Leygraf

Part-time interns of the College: Charlotte Greer and David Stankewicz

Associate director: Jaap Westerbos
Associate director: Nicola Coombe
Associate director: Fr Peter Burns, O.S.B.
Associate director: Monica Douglas-Clark

Professional Vocational advisory panel members:

International academic advisory panel members: 15 people, well respected in their own discipline, from Africa, Asia, North America and Europe, have given their support to our efforts

Dr Gergeley Bakos O.S.B., Pannonhalma, Hungary
Dr Birute Briliute, Birmingham UK
Ms Julie Clague, University of Glasgow, UK
Dr Sebastian Edavazhickal O.S.B., Kappadu, India
Dr Maureen Glackin, St Mary’s University, Twickenham, UK
Dr Josefina Manabat, San Beda University, Manila, Philippines
Dr Daniel McCarthy O.S.B., Atchison, KS, USA
Dr Lourens Minnema, VU Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dr Enda Murphy, Kilmore Diocese, Ireland
Dr Kathryn M Naylor, Batley, Yorkshire, UK
Dr Stefaan Neirynck, Leuven, Belgium
Dr Bridget Nichols, Ely, Cambridgeshire, UK
Dr Pachomius Okojie O.S.B., Ewu, Nigeria
Dr Wim Vandewiele, KU Leuven, Belgium
Fr Maximilian Musindai O.S.B., Dar Comboni Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies, Cairo, Egypt

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