Spiritual Identity & Leadership: from Inner to Outer Change

Spiritual Identity & Leadership in the Public Sphere:
From Inner Leader to Outer Change

time:  Monday 16 October 2017: 1030h – 1630h
place:  74 Castlebar Road, W5 2DDW5 2DD
monastic identity & leadership
Monastic Identity & Leadership ?
monastic identity & leadership
Spiritual Identity and leadership?

A learning and training day for senior and junior leadership positions in monasteries & other spiritual organisations;  monasteries, religions, chaplaincies, psychotherapeutic practices, education & health professions & practitioners

Spiritual identity and leadership

Dr Wim Vanderwiele (KU Leuven), Anthony Grimley (Monos Foundation), Rev Bernd Leygraf (NAOS Institute)

spiritual leadership
spiritual leadership

Unknown-12Dr Wim Vandewiele, (KU Leuven) is lead researcher in contemporary monastic communities, engaging with three monasteries; Sint Andriesabdij, Zevenkerken (Brugge, BE), Sint Sixtusabdij, Westvleteren (West Vlaanderen, BE) and St Benedict’s Abbey, Ealing (London, UK). There are three focuses of research and practice: Representation of monastic communities on digital media, Monastic leadership, Development of a toolbox for self-evaluation, positioning and future development of monastic communities. James Leachman OSB is monastic consultant and Prof Dr Johan Verstraeten is theological consultant for this research project.

unknown-5Anthony Grimley (Monos Foundation) is a family and community member and young doctoral researcher. Monos Foundation “fosters a monastic spirit in society” in three ways; practical living in community and reflecting upon life together, education through hospitality and contacts; and by research and publishing.

Rev Bernd Leygraf (NAOS Institute)unknown-3 is Director of NAOS Institute. Bernd has been a psychotherapist, international trainer and management consultant for over three decades. His training courses draw on students from over 40 countries, as far afield as Sri Lanka, India, Ethiopia and Kenya. Bernd is Consultant Trainer at the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in the UK and Chair of the Professional Standards and Accreditation Board at the European Association for Counselling.

Location: Benedictine Institute – 74 Castlebar Road

Fee: salaried £90 – unsalaried £30

arrive: Monday for registration at 10am

Sessions: Monday 16 October 10.30h – 16.30h

depart Monday 1700h

Some accommodation is available in the House for Guests.

Location: The day will be at 74 Castlebar Road, W5 2DD

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clare AT benedictine-institute DOT org

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9 May 2017