Rev Nicola Coombe : the oppression and resilience of women’s spirituality

Religion and the Oppression of Women: The Resilience of Women’s spirituality

Virtus Lectures at Ealing Abbey: Stories of Oppression & Resilience

Speaker: Nicola Coombe, Focaliser of One Spirit Interfaith Foundation

Tuesday 6 June at 7:30pm

Location: Newman Chapel, Ealing Abbey, Marchwood Crescent W5 2DZ

“The authentic spirituality of women runs its course through their actual lived experiences – in their bodies, in relationships, in the rhythms of being part of this earth. While much feminist discourse has analyzed the role of patriarchy, sexism, and oppression in religious institutions, much less attention has been given to the positive role that spirituality and religion have played in giving access to an enormous resilience in many women’s lives as they relate to their faith traditions.”

Nicola will focus on how women may embody strength and resilience as they relate to their faith traditions. Seeking for and believing in religiosity and spirituality provide a framework among many women for making sense of the world and coping with life events. Nicola focuses on the work of women who have begun to examine the intersections of theology, psychology, spirituality and ministry.

Nicola’s work is influenced by being both South African and British and by the socio-political, spiritual & natural landscapes that these bring. Her educational background scans degrees in Social Work; Psychology and English; an MBA in which her thesis, awarded with honours, explored the inner process of change; and her ordination as an interfaith minister in 2004. She is Trustee of the Findhorn Foundation.

Cost: £10 per person (concessions £5)

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